Factory Service Tools 

To assist with maintenance and repair tasks, a large number of service tools were available to BMC service departments. The majority were manufactured by V L Churchill, and carried part numbers commencing '18G'... These tools are now quite collectable in their own right.

The following list details the tools originally specified for the Austin Healey 3000, and where available provides photos of the actual tools that I have collected.

If anyone has any original tools detailed in this list then I would be interested in purchasing them for my collection.

18G2 Extractor for Driving Flange 
18G8 Hub Assembly Remover (Basic Tool) 
18G8H Front Hub Remover Adaptor L.H. (Wire Wheels only) 
18G8J Front Hub Remover Centre Screw Extension (Wire Wheels only) 
18G8K Front Hub Remover Adaptor R.H. (Wire Wheels only) 
18G8L Front Hub Bearing Inner Race Remover Adaptor 
18G16 Crankshaft Gear and Pulley Replacer 
18G27 Valve Seat Cutter and Pilot Handle 
18G27B Valve Seat Cutting Tool Fibre Box 
18G28 Exhaust Valve Seat Finishing Cutter 
18G28A Exhaust Valve Seat Glaze Breaker 
18G28B Exhaust Valve Seat Narrowing Cutter - Top 
18G29 Valve Suction Grinder

18G30 Valve Seat Finishing Cutter 
18G30A Valve Seat Glazed Breaker 
18G30B Valve Seat Narrowing Cutter - Top 
18G30C Valve Seat Narrowing Cutter - Bottom 
18G34A Bevel Pinion Flange Wrench
18G37 Front Suspension Spring Compressor 
18G42A Extractor for Main Bearing Caps 
18G42C Adaptor 
18G47C Extractor for Differential Bearings 
18G47AD Adaptor 
18G55A Piston Ring Compressor
18G56 Front Suspension Checking Plate 
18G58 Camshaft Gear Remover 
18G61 Water Pump Bearing Remover and Replacer 
18G64 Swivel Axle Bush Reamer - Top
18G65 Swivel Axle Bush Reamer - Bottom</td>
18G68 Handle  
18G69 Oil Pump Release Valve Grinding-in Tool 
18G75A Steering Arm Remover 
18G79 Clutch Centraliser
18G85 Swivel Axle Bush Remover and Replacer 
18G89 Front Suspension Assembly Fixture 
18G99A Clutch Assembly Gauging Fixture 
18G106 Valve Spring Compressor 
18G123A Camshaft Liner Reamer (basic tool) 
18G1223AA, 18G123AB, 18G123AM, 18G123C, 18G123D, 18G123E, 18G123F, 18G123L, 18G123T Adaptors 
18G124A Camshaft Liner Remover and Replacer (basic tool); 
18G124C, 18G124D, 18G124E, 18G124F, 18G124H, 18G124L Adaptors 
18G125 Track-rod Ball Joint Separator 
18G134 Detachable Handle
18G134K Rear Hub Bearing Remover, Differential Bearing Replacer, and Rear Hub Assembly Replacer Adaptor 
18G134N Oil Seal Replacer Adaptor 
18G134AQ Rear Hub Oil Seal Replacer Adaptor 
18G174C Valve Seat Narrowing Cutter - Bottom 
18G174D Valve Seat Cutter Pilot 
18G177 Oil Seal Replacer 
18G178 Roller Clutch Assembly Ring 
18G179 Accumulator Housing Piston Ring Compressor 
18G180 Operating Piston Ring Compressor 
18G181 Accumulator Housing Ring Guide 
18G182 Accumulator Housing Remover 
18G183 Oil Pump Body Remover 
18G184 Oil Pump Body Replacer 
18G185 Dummy Layshaft 
18G186 Mainshaft Bearing Replacer 
18G187 Radiator Reverse-Flush Adaptors 
18G191 Bevel Pinion Setting Gauge 
18G191A Differential Bearing Gauge 
18G207 Bevel Pinion Bearing Preload Gauge 
18G220 Front and Rear Hub Remover 
18G220A Hub Remover Adaptor 
18G220D Hub Remover Adaptor 
18G220E Hub Remover Adaptor 
18G251 Hydraulic Pressure Gauge 
18G258 Rear Hub Nut Spanner
18G262 Synchromesh Unit Assembly Ring (First and Second Speed) 
18G263 Synchromesh Unit Assembly Ring (Third and Top Speed) 
18G264 Bevel Pinion Bearing Outer Race Remover (basic tool) 
18G264D and 18G264H Bevel Pinion Bearing Outer Race Remover Adaptors 
18G285 Driving Pinion Rear Bearing Inner Race and Roller Assembly Remover and Replacer 
18G304 Hub Remover (basic tool) 
18G304B Bolt Adaptor 7/16 in. UNF 
18G304K Thrust Pad 
18G373 Inlet Valve Seat Finishing Cutter 
18G391 Starting Dog Nut Spanner 
18G536 Torque Wrench 2 to 8 lb./ft. (.28 to 1.1 kg./m.) 
18G537 Torque Wrench 5 to 30 lb./ft. (.69 to 4.15 kg./m.) 
18G512 Steering Wheel Nut Spanner 
18G545 Cylinder Head Nut Spanner
18G363 Hub Remover - Wire Wheels (12 T.P.I.) 
18G1032 Hub Remover - Wire Wheels (8 T.P.I.) 
18G1063 Remover - Steering Arm and Swivel Hub Ball Pins