MA10 - Oil Filter (External)


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DescriptionPart No.Illus. No.Qty.Change PointRemarks
Filter - oil (Tecalemit)NSP 1(E) 29F/H2269 onAlternative to Purolator
   Head assembly17H 28731A1(E) 29F/H2269 on 
      Plate - element clamp7H 14741(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Sump17H 35292A1(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Seal - sump to head13H 99831(E) 29F/H2269 onPart No. change; was 17H 4
   Element48G 17181(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Plate - pressure17H 94291(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Circlip - plate to centre bolt17H 2877101(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Washer (felt)7H 1758111(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Spring - pressure plate7H 1764121(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Washer7H 1765131(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Bolt - centre17H 3530141(E) 29F/H2269 on 
   Seal - bolt to sump37H 117315A1(E) 29F/H2269 on 
Plate - adaptorAEC 675301  
Joint - plate to crankcase1B 1233311  
Joint - filter to plate1B 1233311  
Bolt - filter to plateHBZ 0636321  
Nut - boltFNZ 106331  
Screw - filter to plateHCN 0631341  
Bolt - plate to crankcaseHBZ 0632352  
Washer - spring - boltLWZ 206364